Trip Planning

Social distancing? Practice it outdoors.

Trust a pandemic to remind us all how important our health is. The coronavirus is a genuine health threat around the world right now. One of the best ways to keep our families and communities safe in these uncertain times is to practice social distancing. By minimizing our contact with each other, we can all…

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Why now can be a great time to travel in an RV

We are living through a bizarre moment — strange phrases like social distancing are the new normal; grocery stores are struggling to keep up with toilet paper demands, and school is out for summer in many states. The coronavirus chaos begs some questions: “What should I do with my kids during the outbreak?” “Where is…

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Things To Do In Miami

Miami, Florida, is a fantastic city to visit, and visiting it in your RV is a wonderful way to see it all. Visiting a city as large and diverse as Miami takes some planning. Here are some items for your Miami checklist. Step 1: Rent an RV Don’t have an RV? No problem! Outdoorsy’s peer…

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Your Guide To The Great Smoky Mountains

In 1904, an ambitious travel writer and librarian, Horace Kephart, retreated to the woods to declutter his mind and seek peace within the Great Smoky Mountains. He would spend years capturing the daily life of settlers in Southern Appalachia.  Over the next twenty years, he would watch logging companies cut down vast tracts of trees,…

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