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Why NOW Is The Time To Reserve Your Campgrounds

RVing and camping are exploding in popularity. According to the 2022 KOA North American Camping Report, 59.9 million households camped in the U.S. in 2022 (with 9.1 million of those being first-time campers!), camping made up 40% of ALL types of leisure trips taken (e.g. cruises, plane trips, etc.), and there was a 36% increase…

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10 Reasons Why An RV Trip Is The Perfect Family Vacation

The best family vacations are composed of quality moments together, offline time from devices, disconnection from the day-to-day, and epic adventures experienced together. All of these ingredients are naturally included when you take an RV trip with the family. Other types of vacations like flights to far-away locales or hotel extravaganzas can lend themselves to…

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