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Young, AZ 85554, USA
Made family memories to last forever, relaxed, played card games, hiked, went to Christopher Creek, went to the lake, cooked everything outdoors, watched our boys laugh, have fun and forget all about the internet and video games. By Tim Conrad
Camped. By Kaeley Owen


Arizona, USA
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Has Air, Boondocking, Hookups, Family Friendly, Sightseeing, Rainy, Good weather, Overnight, Dog-friendly, Local Fave, Budget, Glamping, Sleep Under The Stars, Most Beautiful, Kid-friendly, Historic
We went to the Grand Canyon, Slide Rock State Park in Arizona, and Pink Jeep Tours. By Shea Jackson
Transported parents By Dennis Soukup
Camping By Joe Rash
Our trip: We travel 2000 miles in 10 days through Arizona and Utah. We managed to visit a lot of places thanks to the easy-going setup of the RV and its perfect mechanical functioning. Day 1: Departure from Tucson at 10 AM. Stop at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument just a few miles north of Flagstaff. We arrived at Bonito Campground at ~ 4 pm. The campground is right next to the lava rivers and cost 20 USD (no shower but super clean and quiet). We set up the rooftop tent in a few minutes and enjoyed a nice dinner with a view of the volcano. Day 2: From Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument we drove to Monument Valley through US-89 N and US-160. Unfortunately, the park was closed due to COVID-19 but we managed to take a few pictures. We had lunch at Gooseneck State Park, just a few miles north from Monument Valley. Then we drove to Arches National Park and arrived at Grandstaff Campground at ~ 5 pm. This campground is located just outside of the Arches' main entrance. It is next to the Colorado River. The view of the night sky was stunning. There are many other campgrounds on the same road but we only found a spot in this one. It cost 20 USD and is far less clean than Bonito Campground (day 1). It was quiet enough despite being next to a road (UT-128 E). Day 3: Visit Arches National Park in the morning, easy hike to Delicate Arches, and plenty of time to do the scenic drive before noon (The Windows Rd is particularly nice). We had lunch with a view of the Double Arch and started our way to Capitol Reef National Park. We drove through US-89 N up to I-70 E and took the exit 165 to UT-24 E (we almost missed the exit and there was no way around so careful here!). We deviate a little bit to visit Goblin State Park and spend ~ 1hr there. The roads were super chill with stunning views. Then we continued to Capitol Reef and stayed at Fruita Campground which is inside the park (reservation in advance using Day 4: In the morning we did the scenic drive of Capitol Reef. The paved road ends and an unpaved road continues, which is easy to drive and takes to great views and a super chill hike. Before noon we left the park and drove to Bryce National Park. We took the UT-12 E to Escalante, it a scenic byway! We spend the afternoon at Bryce where we visited the main viewpoints. Around 5 pm we left Bryce and travel to Zion National Park, our next stop. We arrived at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort at ~ 6 30 PM, this place has a campground with hot showers 24 hrs and cost 30 USD. The campground is quite dispersed and full of shade. The Campground is close to Zion East entrance (~40 min drive) and the road is one of the best views of Zion. Day 5: We visit Zion National Park and did the Narrows, a popular and amazing hike through the Virgin River. No doubt the best hike of this trip. It took us nearly 5 hrs, but we didn't use hike poles so we were a bit slow and we also stopped a lot to take photos. Before coming back to the campground we stopped at a grocery store in Springdale (south Zion entrance). The campground has a small grocery store though, where you can get ice and food, but no meat for BBQ as we wanted! A chill night with bbq, fire, and clean sky. Day 6: Back to Zion in the morning to visit the Esmeralda Pools and hike the Watchman trail, a popular trail that starts near the visitor center parking lot. We wanted to do a hike to the Observation Point but it was closed. However, the campground at Ponderosa Ranch (way outside the park) has a nearly flat hike to the Observation Point that takes about ~ 1 30 hr. We were lucky to choose that campground! This hike gives an amazing view of the canyon, so don't miss it if you have the chance. Day 7: We left the campground early in the morning with the hope of reaching the sunset at the Grand Canyon Southern Rim. Our first stop was the Coral Pink Sands Dunes state park, about ~ 40 min drive from the Ponderosa Ranch campground. Then we drove to Page, stopped at Lake Powell, and had lunch at the Horseshoe bend (bad desition because there was no shade there). We continued our trip to Grand Canyon, although we had to drive to Flagstaff instead of turning right in Cameron because Desert View Rd was closed due to COVID-19. We arrived at the Long Jim Loop campsites around 5 ~pm. This is a road with free campsites and no facilities. But this RV is perfect for that! Day 8: Grand Canyon National Park (Southern Rim). We took our time to enjoy every spot of the Grand Canyon all day long. Sunset was amazing! We had a perfectly clear night sky, we could spot Andromeda Galaxy with no problem. Unfortunately, the tripod of my Binoculars broked just before we could take a photo of the galaxy. After a few hours of darkness, the Moon raised above the Canyon! Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars were also out there! A perfect night for stargazing. We went back to Long Jim Loop but it was late and the sites were all full. So we went to Forest Rd 688, another popular free camping road near Tusayan. Day 9: We continued our visit to the Grand Canyon, and again decided to wait for the sunset, which is never a bad decision there. Again the night was perfect for stargazing, but this time a few clouds obscured Andromeda Galaxy. Once more time we wait until the Moon raised. We left the park around 10 PM. This time we found a spot at Long Jim Loop and spend our last night there. Day 10: Back to Tucson! End of the trip. Because it was a Holiday we decided to avoid Phoenix and travel through Globe. After a short stop at Lake Roosevelt, we arrived at ~ 4 PM, returned the RV, and enjoyed the more than 2000 photos of this adventure.” By Leonardo Krapp
Moved a friend By Michael Bloomquist
Camp By Mary Grace
Grand Canyon and Lake Powell By Ranisha Babbar
Went to Sedona, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell! Had a nice relaxing trip, some hiking, watched the sunset at the Grand Canyon and rented a pontoon boat in Lake Powell for the day and kayak! By Ed Putz
What was initially a good experience with this owner has since changed. A week after our return of the rental, we were charged a 10% rental fee as well as all credit card fees. None of which were told we would be charged in our rental agreement. The owner also initially gave us a deal on 2900 of extra miles we thought we would use (at .25 per mile) when we actually only ended up using an additional 1200 miles, owners decided to charge the full .45 per mile not making it discounted as quoted originally. After repeated conversations back and forth trying to get my questions answered and work with me on the mileage...refusal. The owner will not show me where in the rental agreement it states I would be charged these rental fees and credit card fees upon return...only thing said by the owner is “it’s Texas law”. Has completely ruined me from not only using this service but the entire rv experience. Very unhappy with the treatment once fees had been charged. Very responsive and helpful until the owners get your money you didn’t know you would be charged. Renter beware! By Shelby Gordon
Camp By Jazmine Muhtaseb
Camping and visiting family all over By Jessica Kimball
Camping with the family! By Brooke Rocheleau
went to pick up a puppy By Lena Stahlschmidt
Took our 13 year old daughter to race her BMX bikes. By Josh rowley
We just camped and fellowship with our church fam❤ By Paola Delacruz
Camp with family By Rick Noecker
Grand Canyon, Sedona, Williams, Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff By Travis Pfeiffer
Cross Country driving east to west and back By Nevil Singh
sight seeing By Reed Ko
Explore Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend By Daniel Pagharion
Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Havasui Falls, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Monument Valley By Jesse & Lauren Stuart
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a "snow bird" and drive around in an RV for 3 months, visiting place to place......this is the way to do it. Why not try it out first! By stephen graham

Aspen Campground

Payson, AZ 85541, USA
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Dog-friendly, Family Friendly, Most Beautiful
One of our favorite campsites to stay at. Close to Woods Canyon Lake. Sites are spaced out with a lot of room to run around. We always bring our two dogs and they have room with a long leash. By Melissa + Steven Herrera
Very clean bathrooms and beautiful area right next to the water. I recommend to rent a kayak or paddle boards and bring them with you here! By Jamie Garrett


Payson, AZ 85541, USA
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Pricey, Budget, Has Air, Has Coffee, Boondocking, Cheap, Hiking, Fishing, Kid-friendly, Sightseeing, Good weather, Overnight, Most Beautiful, Dog-friendly, Family Friendly, Quiet, Glamping, Sleep Under The Stars, Chill, Scenic, Historic, Elbow Room, Nearest to Dropoff
Camping/Hunting trip By Justin Pinkerton
Stayed in the RV Resort and did some hiking at nearby parks. By Mahesh Krishnan
Work and relax ... test trip for towability of trailer size. By Earnest "Larry" Smith
Camp with friends By Eloy Garza
Relax! By Kendra Crandall
Camping By Timothy Bush
We camped off the grid in the tall pines. We did some hiking and lots of fishing. By Bruce Bartlett
Camping By Pedro Hernandez
went to canyon point campground By Sandy Sousa
Camp by the lake By Bella Ramirez
Camping By Shannon Greene Greene
Camping by the lake, church event By Bella Ramirez
Family camping By Aaron Blackburn
Camping By Michael Sabah
Family Camping trip By Tara Mcdowell
Dry Camped By Daniel Porter
Camping at Houston Mesa campgrounds. By David Bown
Weekend camping By Dragos Marinca
Boondock By Melissa Cashion
Camped in the woods By Ben Hulse
Went up the mogollon rim! By Michael Schofield
Bear canyon lake By Fernando Godinez
Hiked, fished, canoed, relaxed. By Matthew Moreno
Dispersed camping at Bear Canyon Lake. By Liz Fox
Camp with family By Jesus Gomez
Camping and hiking loved it By Hector Hernandez
Camped :) family time By Paul Volpe
We went fishing and hung out in the forest!!! We had a great time !!! By Monique Sanders
Camped, hiked, escaped the Phx heat! By Mike
We were rained on the first night and we were so thankful we rented the camper By Jesse Evans
Camping/Fishing By Marc Miles
Weekend getaway with family to get out of the heat and relax! By Ashanti Blevins
Camping, motorcycle riding, dune buggy By Elvia Rodriguez
Memorial Day camping. By Randy Maestre
We camped at the Rim. By Joey A Sandoval
Needed to relax from a busy time at work. By Lonnie Riutta
Camping By Lisa Hernandez-millan
Nothing!! Just hung out. By Craig Reynolds
Camped and fished and RELAXED!!!! By Zac Dingman
Quick weekend camping trip! By Lawrence Massa
Hiked and hung out at camp site. By Amy Graham
Fishing at the woods canyon lake By Jesse

Wiggins Crossing

Wiggins Crossing, AZ, USA
This was our annual family camp trip. By Shawn Green


Heber-Overgaard, AZ, USA
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Has Air, Has Coffee, Dog-friendly, Glamping, Elbow Room, Hookups, Sleep Under The Stars, Family Friendly, Hiking, Fishing, Kid-friendly, Sightseeing, Overnight, Chill, Scenic, Quiet, Most Beautiful, Historic, Good weather, Free
We camped, glamped, fished, hiked, drove and enjoyed the views! By Shacora Milanovic
Camped By Robert Lee
Vacationed on our property. By Abel Betancourt
2 day Overland trip By Jonathan M Amadio


Roosevelt, AZ 85545, USA
Known for
Dog-friendly, Quiet, Sleep Under The Stars, Family Friendly, Fishing, Overnight, Scenic, Cheap, Kid-friendly, Sightseeing, Good weather, Pricey
Celebrated a birthday Boating at the Lake By Tonya Schweigert
4 Nights camping at Cholla Campground on Roosevelt Lake. By Thierry Sanders-Brillault
Boating and camping with family. By Ruth Ann Rowland
Camping at the lake By Nicole Campillo
Visited the Roosevelt lake By Ana Maria Violeta Heredia
Went camping, boating, and tubing for 5 days. By Paige Saye
boating and camping By Jesse Gouchie
Pulled watercraft with ease with the van. By Stacey Wales
Camped with friends. By Jarom Hunter
Ham Radio - Winter Field Day By Frank Kostyun

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Highway 87, Pine, AZ 85544, USA
WhatPoint of interest
One of the most beautiful places in Arizona. A real hidden gem. Nice day hike. You can just look at amazing beauty of the bridge or hike through it. Definitely a AZ must do. By Sherry Sinovec


Pine, AZ 85544, USA
Known for
Boondocking, Glamping, Quiet, Hookups, Family Friendly, Hiking, Kid-friendly, Sightseeing, Good weather, Overnight, Scenic, Local Fave, Happy Hour, Sleep Under The Stars, Most Beautiful
I ran in the Mogollon Monster 105k Ultra Trail Marathon. The RV was a great home base before and after the race. By Samuel Loveless
Mountain Biking,Hiking and listen some good music at the Old County Inn and ate some good food. By Tim Schaffer
Elk hunt trip By Mike Jordan


Strawberry, AZ 85544, USA
Known for
Quiet, Sleep Under The Stars, Family Friendly, Most Beautiful, Cheap, Hiking, Fishing, Kid-friendly, Good weather, Free, Has Air, Glamping, Hookups, Overnight, Chill, Scenic
dry camping By Alane M Ortega
Camping trip with five other close family friends. By Kimberly & Jimmy Bennett
Weekend glamping getaway :) By Alexandra Royalty

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake, Arizona, USA
WhatPoint of interest
A nice desert lake to fish during the winter and ski during the summer. By Jack N Johnson

Rio Verde

Rio Verde, AZ, USA
Stayed with our horses and rode National Forest at a “horse hotel” with rvhookups. Rio rancho Verde. They keep up their place great. National Forest and large preserve area to ride next to their property. Full hookups. By Anderson Janeen
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