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Get To Know Renter Rhonda Rose

Meet Rhonda Rose, a mortgage loan officer from Wisconsin. Rhonda is a big bluegrass and Americana music fan, so it makes sense that she chose to attend the Blue Ox Music Festival this June in Eau Claire, Wisc. After all, there are few things as fun as a festival, and a multi-day music festival is even more immersive and exciting.

Rhonda Rose | OutdoorsyFinding lodging

When it came to finding lodging for herself, her daughter, and her young granddaughter, Rose wasn’t 100 percent positive where to look. She knew she wanted to be close to the action, and she definitely needed something kid-friendly. Eventually, Rhonda had the idea of staying onsite in an RV. As an Airbnb host, she knew there had to be some kind of rental RV site out there—and she was right.

Rose searched for rental RVs, quickly found Outdoorsy, and immediately started the rental process, which she says was a breeze. “The communication prior, during, and after was very simple,” Rose says, referring to the communication between her and the RV owner. 

It turns out this was an excellent choice, and it added something extra special to her family’s experience.

“It was nice to be able to stay at the event and enjoy the people we met at the festival,” she says. “We definitely enjoyed the morning and late evening hours, and not having to go back and forth from festival to town.”

Rhonda Rose | OutdoorsyDon’t worry, be happy

As one might imagine, because this was the first time Rose had ever rented an RV, she was a bit nervous. She had chosen a 24-foot trailer that she knew would be perfect, but she worried it might be too good to be true.

“I was concerned the owners would cancel or back out prior to the reservation date,” Rose confides. If this were to happen, she would be left without a place to stay.

Of course, this didn’t happen. In fact, she soon learned that the owner of this ‘perfect rig’ was beyond helpful.

“Our site had no electric or water, but our Outdoorsy host, Cindy, helped us figure out the logistics of generator power and pumping of tanks,” Rose says. They were even able to run the air conditioning for the entirety of their trip, a wonderful thing when you’re attending a summer festival.

High praise

Rose was incredibly happy with her trip and says she plans to use Outdoorsy again in the future. When asked if she would recommend Outdoorsy to family and friends, Rose was quick to give a positive answer: “We had a good time—I would recommend it!”

Rhonda Rose | Outdoorsy

All About Rhonda

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?


Favorite morning beverage:


Favorite campsite meal:

“BBQ steaks”

Music you like to play on the radio:  

“Americana and bluegrass”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:


Favorite season:

“I love them all. Winter to ski, spring because of the flowers, summer because of travel and family, and fall because of the leaves and the weather changing.”

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