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Easy DIY RV Repairs for This Off-Season

The off-season for your RV rental business is a splendid time for DIY RV repairs. With RV mechanics often charging over $150/hour, it’ll behoove your business if you can tackle smaller projects yourself.  And don’t let your camper’s inner workings intimidate you. The truth is there are many DIY repairs and renovations that are easily…

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The Big Guide to RV Kitchens

One of the biggest benefits of taking your RV on the road: you can cook along the way! Cooking in your rig saves money and allows you to skip fast food and opt for healthy meals throughout your journey. Saving money and eating healthy are both incredible benefits. We get a lot of questions from…

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The Big Guide to RV Beds

Sleep is an important part of our home life, which makes it an important part of our RV life. Some of the questions renters ask most often about the RVs on our site include, “How many people does it sleep?” and “Are RV mattresses comfortable?” Everyone wants a good night’s sleep on vacation, so we’ve…

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How to find used RV furniture near you

It’s no secret— owning an RV isn’t always cheap. From the initial purchase to repairs and remodels, the costs of RV ownership can really start to add up. Buying parts and furniture new from dealers can cost an arm and a leg, leaving many to simply go without. But a tight budget doesn’t have to…

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