RV Owners

Owner Of The Week: Steffanie Esquivel

Purchasing her first RV was a game changer for Steffanie Esquivel and her family. “In 2021, we lived in Reno, Nevada and the housing market and everything else was getting crazy there,” Steffanie explains. “We knew we wanted a better life for our children and to spend more time with them, so we decided to…

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Owner Of The Week: Janet Birch

Janet Birch was inspired to become an Outdoorsy owner by a friend. “My neighbor had just finished her custom build on a short Mercedes,” she recalls. “She is a makeup artist and designed the van to accommodate her profession, and it was beautiful. I took one look at it and said, ‘I’m all in—I want…

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Owner Of The Week: Michael Katz

“I tend to camp as much as possible,” owner Michael Katz tells us. “Every year for the past 22 years, I’ve gone on an annual week-long campout to upstate New York with a few hundred friends. It’s been going on for multiple generations and is my favorite time of the year. (It also happens to…

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Owner Of The Week: Adrianne Gessner

Adrianne Gessner is an Outdoorsy owner from Las Vegas. She knows that her backyard is an incredible place, and that knowledge led to the opening of her RV rental business, Quill Adventures. “We live in such an amazing area, I wanted to allow others the ability to experience all that we have,” she explains.  With…

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Owner Of The Week: Chris and Anna Helmers

Outdoorsy owners Chris and Anna Helmers have enjoyed adventuring together since the beginning of their relationship. “Anna and I met on day one of our freshman year of college in Southern Illinois back in 2010,” Chris shares. “Nature, travel, and adventure have been the bedrock of our relationship for 12-plus years. It has brought us…

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