Family Travel

Takeaways From A First Time RVer

A few weeks ago, our little family of six embarked on what we considered the adventure of a lifetime. It all started with my husband dropping some not-so-subtle hints that we should take the kids on a trip “out west.” We live in Indiana and other than a few destination trips via plane—California, Nevada, Arizona—neither…

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Meet VW Obsessive Jeremy Bodner

Jeremy Bodner’s first vehicle was a 1979 Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter bus, informally known as a VW bus, and even more informally known as a hippy van. He was 16-years-old and had saved his money from doing chores around the house to buy his dream van, which he promptly named Brownie. He and his friends…

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The Best Sites for Family RV Travel

If you’re just starting to explore the joys of RV’ing, you often get your information in one of two ways. Personal recommendations from people you know, or jumping online but oops, next thing you know, you’re drowning in a sea of information. For many, unfortunately, this experience dampens their enthusiasm. So where should people start to get…

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Beat the Heat on a Summer RV Trip

What happens when the lazy days of summer turn into the long, sweaty, “I’m gonna lose my mind if I don’t get out of the house” days of summer? If you have kids out of school, consider packing the family up for a summer camping trip. Not the sweltering, sweaty kind of camping that involves everyone sprawled out in…

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