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Top 10 Smallest (and Cutest) RVs

What is the best small RV? Small travel trailers are all the rage. Why? The smaller and more lightweight the travel trailer, the easier a tiny towable is to take on the road. Tiny trailers range in size from the teeny-tiny teardrops to the more lightweight aluminum, fiberglass, or composite-material travel trailers. Depending on your…

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Top 10 Bang-for-Your-Buck RVs

When it comes to buying an RV, everyone wants to get the best rig with amazing quality, great functional design, and top utility for the best price. So which RV manufacturers and models are on top? We’ve done the research for you! From small RVs to one-of-a-kind rigs, this Outdoorsy list narrows down the 10…

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The 10 Best Off-Road Camping Trailers of 2022

Did you know RV owners can list their RV for FREE on Outdoorsy? Rent your RV and earn extra income all on your own schedule. With insurance coverage and roadside assistance, you and your renters are always protected. Learn more here. If you choose to boondock in remote locations within dispersed camping areas, there is a good…

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Winter-Ready RVs for Your Next Road Trip

Winter might seem like a bizarre time to camp in an RV. After all, RVs aren’t usually known for winter road trips because they tend to feature light insulation and freeze-prone pipes. A pop-up camper, for example, gets rough anytime the mercury dips below 40. Many RVs also aren’t equipped with snow tires or 4×4,…

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The Top 8 Small RV For Couples Options

If you and your partner are looking for the best small RV for couples, there are plenty of options to consider. However, finding the right fit isn’t always smooth sailing, as your better half may prefer a camper with different capabilities and amenities. Thankfully, RV manufacturers are increasingly understanding the needs of traveling pairs and…

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Lance 650 Truck Camper: A Complete Review

The idea of truck camping has always fascinated me. One Outdoorsy owner shared with me his memories of his grandfather placing a cap on his truck with two cots separated by a cooler before heading to the hilly country of Colorado – so cool! Luckily for him, he was given an opportunity to re-ignite his…

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You’ve Got Options: Smallest RV with Shower and Toilet

The smallest RVs, whether driveable or towable, come with plenty of benefits. From offering great maneuverability, excellent fuel efficiency, a friendly price point, and lower maintenance costs. Not to mention they expand your campground, parking, and storage options. However, these miniature rigs aren’t known for having a proper shower and toilet on board. But that…

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