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How to Prepare for Events Popular for RV Travel

Large events happening near you can be a gold mine for renting out your RV to other folks. Events like NASCAR races, large concerts, and major festivals see an influx of out-of-towners who all need places to hang their hats. Because these events generally happen in locations without sufficient hotel beds, they can be fertile…

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Best Options for a 3 Bedroom Motorhome

A 3 bedroom motorhome is a fantastic way for families to enjoy RV camping. These super RVs not only offer plenty of sleeping space, but also tremendous room to stretch out and a long list of luxury appointments. Most of them are also outfitted with essential amenities that you won’t find in smaller motorhomes.   If…

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Best Options for a 3 Bedroom Camper

3 bedroom camper vehicles are quite rare, but there are a few great options on the market. When scouting for one, you need to set your eyes on the biggest campers available. Realistically, the only RV types where you can find floor plans with multiple bedrooms include fifth wheels, Class As, and large travel trailers….

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Best RV Battery: Our Top Picks For 2022

The best RV battery will allow any camper’s essential systems to run for days at a time, whether you’re dry camping, going on an extended road trip, or facing an extended power outage at the campground. However, the world of RV batteries is vast and complex, and there are so many options to consider. Below,…

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Best Small Lightweight Pull Campers

Small and lightweight pull campers can be an inexpensive way to get into RVing. They’re affordable, cheaper to tow, and they put less strain on your tow vehicle’s mechanical components. Despite their nimble design, most offer the most basic amenities an RVer needs: a place to sleep, make meals, and pack gear. So if you…

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13 Ways To Get More People To Rent Your RV

Sharing your RV with others on Outdoorsy is a very rewarding experience — you get paid for your rig, your renter gets a fun camp-venture, and you get the joy of sharing your love for the outdoors with someone else.  But before any of that magic can happen, you’ll need to attract the renters who…

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Airbnb on Wheels

If you’ve ever stayed in an out-of-the-way Airbnb that blew your mind, you know how satisfying it is to find an affordable, unusual place to stay while traveling. And what’s more unusual than staying in apartment that you can drive? If you’re curious about RVs, rent one on, where RVs are the new Airbnb. If you own an RV, did…

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