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Best RV Battery: Our Top Picks For 2022

The best RV battery will allow any camper’s essential systems to run for days at a time, whether you’re dry camping, going on an extended road trip, or facing an extended power outage at the campground. However, the world of RV batteries is vast and complex, and there are so many options to consider. Below,…

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Guide to camper van electrical systems

This post was written by Muse & Co. Outdoors. Having a source of electricity is a big part of what sets #vanlife apart from just camping. The ability to charge devices, power lights, and even heat your van on cold nights are all made possible by your camper van’s electrical system. But the system has…

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Generator buying guide: Quiet generator for RV

Today, most RVs are equipped with many of the comforts of home like lights, appliances, televisions, and more. However, for these to work, your RV needs a steady supply of electricity. In an RV, electricity can come from several sources: batteries, solar panels, an electric hookup, and, of course, the faithful generator.  In this article,…

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How to find the best RV thermostat

You may not be able to control the weather when you’re out camping, but if you’re staying in an RV, you do have the power to control the temperature in your rig— with your RV thermostat, of course! Indeed, one of the biggest perks to RVing is being able to take the comforts of home,…

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How to use an RV inverter to power your rig

Whether you’re at a cushy campsite with all the amenities, boondocking hundreds of miles from civilization, or anywhere in between, your RV’s electrical system will likely play a role in your camping experience. Electricity, whether coming from a campsite hook-up or batteries onboard your RV, will power all that’s inside your rig— lights, entertainment, appliances,…

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Types of deep cycle RV batteries

One of the big perks of RVing is having power wherever you go, whether you’re at a luxury campsite or boondocking in the wilderness. From cooking tasty meals to illuminating your rig after the sun sets, electricity can enhance your camping experience. Part of what makes this possible is your RV batteries, so it’s important…

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RV Solar Panels: Should You Install Them?

It’s no secret that the RV community is a big group of nature lovers. So it’s not surprising that RVers around the world are adopting renewable energy sources to power their rigs while enjoying the great outdoors. Solar RV systems are becoming more common, leaving many eager to hop on the sun-powered train.  Whether you’re…

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