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The Ultimate Guide to Boondocking and Free Camping

RVing has surged in popularity since 2020. RV spots — on the other hand — haven’t exactly surged in availability. The result is a general scarcity of established camping spots relative to the number of people looking for them.  But just because established campgrounds are experiencing record bookings doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy epic RV…

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Most Undiscovered RV Camping Spots in Wyoming

This post was originally featured on the Travel Wyoming site. RV camping in Wyoming opens the door to a wild landscape that offers jagged mountains, spectacular waters, desert landscapes, rugged plains, cool western towns, and much much more.@tinywanderland Some areas — like Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks — have been discovered, meaning lots of folks flock to these sites annually. There are…

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How To Plan An Epic Wyoming RV Trip

This post was originally featured on the Travel Wyoming site. Wyoming — aka The Cowboy State — is the last true bastion of the West. It’s a place where bold, curious, and independent travelers flock to forge their own adventures.  It’s also a place that we at Outdoorsy think is best explored in an RV. That’s because…

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Malibu RV Park: A Complete Review

Away from the bustling city of Los Angeles is a beautiful beach full of fun activities and romantic scenes. It is Malibu Beach, a place for surfing, shopping, and camping! And the Malibu RV Park is a great spot for campervans. For anyone who owns a recreational van, Malibu Beach can be a unique destination….

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Western Village RV Park: A Complete Review

Planning to roll through Cumberland Valley with your family? Why not make a stop at Carlisle? This place is the hub of history, art, and sports. And if you have a rig, station your vehicle at the Western Village RV Park, one of the best trailer parks in South Central Pennsylvania. The Western Village RV…

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Best RV Battery: Our Top Picks For 2022

The best RV battery will allow any camper’s essential systems to run for days at a time, whether you’re dry camping, going on an extended road trip, or facing an extended power outage at the campground. However, the world of RV batteries is vast and complex, and there are so many options to consider. Below,…

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The importance of the departure and return forms

When your rig rolls out for rent, there’s usually a mix of excitement and nervousness. Excitement because your renter is embarking on an adventure in your rig. Nervousness over the unlikely event of trouble on the road.  As an owner, you’ll dramatically improve your chances of a smooth RV handoff/return by sticking with the rules…

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